Thrilling Adventure Hour #178: Beyond Belief, “Jones on Third”

Have you guys heard the newest Beyond Belief? It’s really really good. I want fellow Thrilling Adventure Hour fans to write to me because we need to be friends and maybe get married.

Shout out to anyone who noticed that the Gilmore Girls complete series boxed set was 79% off today on Amazon and BOUGHT. THAT. SHIT. Like I did.

Thinking of starting a support group for adults who still miss Sonny With A Chance. This would naturally lead to a similar group for Two Of A Kind.

#Monday #Selfie #Feelings #Emotions #FreshLooks #IWokeUpLikeThis

#Monday #Selfie #Feelings #Emotions #FreshLooks #IWokeUpLikeThis

I had a nightmare that I stayed up all night and had to go to work tired, but then I woke up and realized I went to bed at 9pm and had to go to work tired.

You guys, I really liked Guardians of the Galaxy. I really really liked it a lot.