ddt did a job on me now i am a real sickie guess ill have to break the news that i got no mind to lose all the girls are in love with me I’m a teenage lobotomy slugs and snails are after me ddt keeps me happy now i guess ill have to tell em that i got no cerebellum gonna get my phd I’m a teenage lobotomy

Karle, it was so nice to have ride when beer. take out yr favite book turn to the page, i am that page. i am that book, come to my battle of bands

Karle, it was so nice to have ride when beer. take out yr favite book turn to the page, i am that page. i am that book, come to my battle of bands

just got home i’m drunk and I’m listening to black metal so tahs whats up

I think it’s commendable that I’ve gone this long in my life without ever checking Missed Connections

OK, in the commercial for that movie “Sex Tape” Jason Segel says “Let’s have sex on Thursday, we can TiVo Project Runway”

Does this movie take place in like 2006? TiVo??? Project Runway??? What fucking grandpa wrote this stupid movie?

💀Bad boyz be bowlin’💀 #fbf

💀Bad boyz be bowlin’💀 #fbf

So stoked Superego is coming back, just wanted to remind you all of how much Matt Gourley looks like Charles Manson

So stoked Superego is coming back, just wanted to remind you all of how much Matt Gourley looks like Charles Manson

Friday sentiments

Friday sentiments

Ms. Stritch

Ms. Stritch

It took me a little while to realize why everyone was posting photos of Elaine Stritch on instagram. She was so great, I got one of her records not too long ago and it’s the brassiest shit. RIP

theheftyhideaway asked: 1, 9, 15, 18, and 20! Wooooo!

1. 5 favorite films:

1. “Clue” I kind of just realized this is my favorite movie, but of course it is

2. “Phantom of the Paradise” I don’t really know how popular this movie is, but it’s BRILLIANT and fun and the music is incredible.

3. “Wet Hot American Summer” Twinsies NAR

4. “West Side Story” for a few reasons: A. It was the first time I ever saw Natalie Wood. B. The music, obv. and C. Because Dr. Jacoby and Ben Horne from Twin Peaks play Riff and Tony and when I found that out I LOST. MY. SHIT.

5. “Mean Girls” Like… let’s be honest here, it’s fuckin Mean Girls.

9. 5 favorite drag queens: Let me say that my overall knowledge of drag queens is SLIM, so this may not be an enlightening list. Also I don’t really consider Divine a drag queen, do you? She seemed beyond that, I could be wong, but either way that’s why she’s not on the list.

1. Adore Delano is #1 in my heart for eternity.

2. RuPaul, I assume putting Ru on this list is like putting Citizen Kane on the previous one, but I’ve been a fan of Ru for as long as I can remember and it’s kind of unbelievable how EVERYTHING she says is so so so perfect.

3. Holly Gramm, this was the first drag queen I ever saw, other than Ru. She was on the RIcki Lake Show and I was like, OH WHAT. Apparently (and I JUST found this out btw, like 2 minutes ago) she became Danielle Foxxx and started doing porn. Whoops.

4. A tie between all my other fave Drag Racers: Raja, Sharon Needles, Manilla Luzon, and Bianca Del Rio

5. Pepper LaBeija, I saw “Paris Is Burning” for the first time recently and was floored by, well everything really, but especially Pepper.

I also wish I could’ve squeezed Dom DeLuise’s character from “Haunted Honeymoon” onto this list but oh well, maybe next time.

15. Favorite catchphrase:


18. Favorite song to lip sync to:

Already answered, but I want you and me, Ms. Nicole, to do a duet of the title song from “Female Trouble”

20. Favorite holiday:

The correct answer is Halloween, I am suspicious of anyone who says otherwise. Especially if they say Easter or Columbus Day or some shit.

theelainebenesbenediction asked: 7. Book 13. 5 songs 18. Song to lip sync to

7. Favorite book:

Hmm, well post-Goosebumps I was really into Robert Cormier’s books, I Am the Cheese and After the First Death specifically. They were super depressing and the first books we read in school where people died, I was SHOCKED. I love Catcher In the Rye for a million reasons, 99% of them nostalgia based. I don’t read a ton of fiction. I like John Updike’s short stories and Oscar Wilde’s poetry, I had an ex who got mad I bought Venus In Furs because she thought it was like, porn? The Lester Bangs collections (Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung and Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste) are the pinnacle of rock crit and I’ve read them a thousand times. I Don’t Care About Your Band was what really made me love Julie Klausner, and pretty much everything John Waters has written is perfect. I actually just spent the last few days listening to the audiobook of Role Models even though I already read it, I just wanted to feel like he was in the car with me.

The short answer is that my all-time favorite book is The Girl Who Cried Monster by R.L. Stine.

13. 5 favorite songs:

An off-the-top-of-my-head definitive list (subject to change):

1. “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric (favorite song since the day I heard it)

2. “Ride A White Swan” by T.Rex (literally a perfect song)

3. “52 Girls” by The B-52’s (also perfect, proto-riot girl tone)

4. “Shadow of A Doubt” by Sonic Youth (essential)

5. “Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go” by Soft Cell (it’s gotta be the full version, I remember taping it off the radio when I was like 10, listening to it all night, and writing down the lyrics like an obsessed little dweeb)

18. Favorite song to lip sync to:

My mind says “Warm Leatherette” by The Normal but my heart says “Sussudio” by Phil Collins